Real time dashboard and reports

Tootoot comes packed full of insightful reports and metrics that help you make sense of all your data, discover trends and give you the information you need in order to make evidence-based decisions at your school, college or university.

Read on for a breakdown of the features available to your senior leadership on tootoot.

Real-time dashboard

Our unique dashboard gives you an eagle-eyed overview of your entire tootoot account. You're able to compare your statistics across weeks, months, terms and years. You can even print the entire page off for meetings with SLT, governors or regulatory bodies.

Bespoke reports

tootoot comes pre-packed with a set of insightful reports that really drill down into your data, as well as a powerful search tool that allows you to create your own bespoke reports. Much like the dashboard, reports can be compared across different time periods.


Read what Ofsted have to say about tootoot:

“A number of new schemes have widened the range and coverage of early help services, for example ‘Headstart’ promoting early support for possible mental health concerns in children and young people. All school-aged children and young people can use an online link, Tootoot, to record any mental health related worries such as low mood or bullying." - Middlesbrough Ofsted report, 2015