A voice for your students

All too often students are scared or just aren't confident enough to speak to someone face-to-face about their concerns, for fear of being identified and potentially making matters worse. With tootoot, students are able to safely and anonymously tell their place of learning about their concerns and worries, as a first step to resolving them.

Read on for a breakdown of the features available to your students on tootoot.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device

Students can log in to tootoot and send their concerns or worries directly to designated staff members. Tootoot is accessible on most internet-enabled devices include computers, tablets and mobiles.

Keep a track of evidence through attachments

tootoot allows students to attach all forms of media to provide evidence alongside their reports. Screenshots from social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter can all be attached, as well as videos and photos. Evidence is only viewable by designated staff members, with an accompanying audit log of each interaction.

Granular custom email notifications and designated staff

Never miss anything on tootoot. When a student sends a message to their school's tootoot, designated staff members are instantly notified and staff are then able to reply directly to their student's report. Notifications save time and ensure staff members only interact with the system when notified.