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Announcing our Series A fundraise of $1.18m!

Written by Michael Brennan on 15th February, 2018

As a very small and dedicated team we have had some incredible achievements over the past few years. We’ve had our Make a Noise programme funded by the Department for Education, doubled the number of schools using tootoot education and expanded into new markets and countries!

We’re lucky to be able to welcome some incredibly talented and successful new investors to the tootoot family. They recognise the value and impact tootoot will bring to individuals globally and we are thankful for their support and expertise as we continue our journey.

Together co-founder and CTO Kieran and I built the anti-bullying app following my childhood experience of bullying and cyberbullying. I quickly realised that support systems such as anti-bullying helplines eased my problems, but because they couldn’t feed back to my school my problems were never fully solved. We quickly realised that the simple solution would be to create an app that gave pupils a simple, discrete and confidential way to speak-up about any concerns they may have,

This investment gives us the ability to continue our growth and introduce new concepts to the market. Ultimately, it allows us to continue to pursue our vision of giving a voice to as many individuals globally as we can.

Michael Brennan | tootoot CEO & co-founder

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