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8 Tried and Tested Tips for Teaching Remotely

Written by admin on 15th April, 2020

After nearly 4-weeks of school closures in the UK, here is what teachers have found helpful for successful remote teaching and learning.

1. Create a question-and-answer discussion board.
Allowing students to engage with one another through a series of written posts and replies helps them process and share ideas.

2. Don't force yourself to replicate a typical school day.
Home-schooling is completely different, try to find the right balance that works for your school’s teachers and students.

3. Be consistent with the protocols set for information sharing and learning management across subjects, this will help students and parents alike.
Adjusting to online learning has its challenges for students, so keeping protocols consistent will help them to navigate and switch between lessons more easily. This will also help keep things simple for parents with children in different year groups.

4. Check-in with your students and include them in the decision-making process.
This will help engagement and keep the sense of community with your class.

5. Try to keep instructions simple and short.

6. Schedule breaks for yourself, and actually take them!
Lockdown will continue for some time, so it’s really important to take care of your own mental and physical health with regular breaks.

7. Take it slow.
All students will learn at different paces and enthusiasm levels will peak and trough over the coming weeks.  

8. Establish a clear line of communication and let parents know where they should look for information.

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