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Coping with anxiety during coronavirus – tips for children and young people

Written by admin on 3rd April, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak means changes for us all. And for children and young people their loss of freedom and routine, uncertainty and exam cancellations have all been especially hard.

We understand that this situation will be anxiety-inducing for many students. So, to help below are ideas of simple things your students can do to help take care of their mental health and wellbeing during times of uncertainty.

If you would like to share this with your students, we have created a free PDF you can download at the bottom of the page.

Tips for children and young people

Keep communicating with your loved ones
Stay in touch with your family and friends. You can try phone calls, video calls, social media.

Make your bed in the morning
Making your bed when you get up helps you feel organised and ready to take on the day!

Make yourself a timetable for the week
Get creative with coloured paper and pens or using your computer create yourself a timetable for the week that you can display in your room or on your fridge. This will help you keep to a routine and give you a bit of normality.

Keep a journal
You can use prompts like:

  • How am I feeling today? What is making me feel that way?
  • How have I looked after myself today?
  • Who have I connected with today?
  • What am I grateful for today?

Read a book at bedtime 
Reading before you go to sleep is a great way to switch off and relax and will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Keep moving
Whether it’s PE with Joe Wicks, dancing around your living room belting out your favourite song or seeing how many toilet roll keepie-uppies you can do – just make sure every day you do something that gets you moving.  

Limit your news intake
There is a lot going on at the moment in the news and it can feel overwhelming. So, we recommend limiting how much news you watch or read, avoid both before bed and turn off alerts on news applications to give yourself a break.

Listen to your favourite music
Music can provide a relief from anxious feelings and help you to relax.  

School closure safeguarding help from tootoot 

We want to help schools ensure that their high standard of safeguarding and pupil wellbeing can continue during school closures.

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