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One Million Students, One William Mellor

Written by admin on 12th October, 2015

North West television star and family man Will Mellor has joined the tootoot team to help provide over 1 million students with tootoot to help raise awareness of the effects and dangers of bullying and other issues, such as mental health and radicalisation that students face every single day, in their place of learning and in the community, no matter their age.

Will and tootoot recently created a short video, which was filmed at Abbott Community Primary School, in Manchester. As a parent, Will wanted to portray the importance of every place of learning having a tool in place, to help students of any age speak up about bullying and any other issues that may be affecting them.



Will commented, “As soon as I heard about tootoot I wanted to get involved! I have seen first hand how powerful this tool is for helping a student to speak up and the reports and data it can provide automatically for safeguarding officers, staff and Senior Leadership. What’s fantastic about tootoot is not only does it provide a safe and secure voice for children, but it also provides a dashboard for Ofsted too.”

Will is helping tootoot to roll out to every single, school, college and University for Free as part of a national roll out.

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