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Written by admin on 7th December, 2015

We are proud to announce that in the month of November 214 schools across the UK signed up to tootoot, not to mentioned the schools who signed Internationally, including schools in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Italy and Spain!

With Anti Bullying Week, organised by our partners – The Anti Bullying Alliance, students across the UK were invited to make a noise about bullying! During Anti Bullying Week, our schools launched tootoot to their students resulting in over 68,000 students being given their tootoot log in details to be able to report any worries or issues directly to their place of learning.

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Written by admin on 27th October, 2015

After a fantastic launch week, Newsround contacted us to see what we were doing to help spread the word about our big launch to all schools for free across the UK.

Newsround asked if they could cover our story and ask students what they thought about tootoot, and what would be the benefits to them.

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Written by admin on 22nd October, 2015

In 50 minutes of the news breaking 84 schools signed up with over 27,000 students being uploaded to tootoot in the days that followed! With 6 local authorities across the UK signing up and introducing tootoot to their schools, we are well on our way to helping 1 million students!

We’ve worked around the clock to ensure that tootoot is to scale and accommodate the thousands of schools, colleges and universities that will be trying tootoot for free in the coming months.

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Written by admin on 14th October, 2015

After a fantastic launch and write-up in the Guardian, we asked the staff at Oldham Hulme to provide feedback on how it went.

Safeguarding lead and Head Mentor, Hannah Plews

Within 24 hours of launching this excellent App, we had two cases online and were able to deal with some concerns at once. I believe this powerful way of communicating has and will continue to have effective results in helping us help our students in their day-to-day lives. Even after such a short period of time we have already seen first

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Written by admin on 12th October, 2015

In this month’s Vodafone monthly roundup, to raise awareness of tootoot to teachers, schools, parents and students across the UK, to help provide a voice to those who most need one.

Tootoot is being made available to all schools, colleges and universities to ensure that every student has a safe and secure way to confidentially speak to a member of staff within their place of learning.

Check out Vodafone’s monthly roundup on their website.

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