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School Closure Tootoot Discount

Times are uncertain at the moment, and we want to help schools ensure their high levels of safeguarding and wellbeing can continue.

In light of this, we are significantly reducing our prices. We are now offering 1-year tootoot licences at £350 for all individual schools with the opportunity to renew at that price for their second year.

  • 1-Year tootoot licence for £350 
  • This offer is available to individual schools of any size 
  • If schools choose to renew for a second year we will honour the £350 price

Terms and conditions apply, click here to read. 

We are also giving full access to all our teaching resources from the past 4-years for free. Click below to access the resources.

“Tootoot is a lifeline for our school, it gives us an invaluable way to communicate with our children. Tootoot will be essential for us throughout these coming months, especially with our more vulnerable pupils.”

Jaime Traynor, Pastoral Support Officer, Ince Primary School

How can tootoot help during school closures?

The 'message student' feature available for teachers on tootoot

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Telephone: 01289 541 991

Correspondence Address:
17a Windmill Way, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TB

Registered Office:
tootoot ltd, Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7BD

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📣 School closure tootoot discount | 1-year for £350 regardless of enrolment | Find out more