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Giving a voice

To children and young people

Tootoot is the pupil voice and safeguarding app trusted by over 15,000 teachers

Combining all aspects of safeguarding into a simple and effective app

Confidential reporting app for your students

Paperless incident recording for your staff

Real-time reports for SLT, Governors and Councils

Mental health and wellbeing tracking for your students and staff

Detailed student chronologies

Monitoring of vulnerable student groups

Resolve pupil concerns quickly

Tootoot makes it simple for your students to report anything from bullying to a mental health concern. The simple-to-use app makes it easier for your students to speak-up and gives them confidence that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Staff can respond and manage student concerns effectively using our case-management feature, building up a chronology from start to finish.

Implement evidence-based interventions

Tootoot comes packed full of insightful reports and metrics that help you discover trends, identify whether safeguarding and wellbeing measures are effective, and supports a transparent and accountable SLT and Governing Body.

Evidence improvements in pupil happiness and safety
Tootmood is our tablet-based app that gives you the ability to measure the impact of your school’s approach to wellbeing, safeguarding and anti-bullying. Tootmood makes it easy to gain quick insights into what staff, pupils and parents think about topics important to your school.
Protecting students around the world

Thousands of schools have used tootoot globally.
More than 500,000 students given a voice.
Over 15,000 staff supporting their students.
Over 45,000 concerns resolved.

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