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Giving a voice

To children and young people

Trusted by over 15,000 teachers to enhance their safeguarding systems by combining all aspects of safeguarding into a simple and effective app.

tootoot is proven to support the fast and effective resolution of pupil concerns and improve pupil attainment and behaviour by facilitating evidence-based interventions.

Protection and peace of mind
Just like a fire extinguisher in your school, tootoot doesn't have to be used all the time, but it's good to know it's there.
The new way to listen to your students.

Students can use tootoot to report anything ranging from issues of bullying and cyber bullying, to questions about homework or worries about a friend.

Staff can respond and manage this report easily using our powerful case-management features, building up a chronology from start to finish.

Evidence and impacts

Tootoot comes packed full of insightful reports and metrics that help you make sense of all your data, discover trends and give you the information you need in order to make evidence-based decisions at your school.

Part of your safeguarding toolbelt
tootoot is the missing link between face-to-face reporting and support helplines and charities outside of your school.
Protecting students around the world

Thousands of schools have used tootoot globally.
More than 220,000 students given a voice.
Over 14,000 staff supporting their students.
Resolving over 20,000 reported concerns.

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