Safeguarding made simple.
tootoot has combined all aspects of safeguarding into one easy-to-use platform
All places of learning must have measures in place that safeguard students, and a clear process for reporting and logging incidents when they occur.
That's where tootoot comes in.
tootoot for students

The first safeguarding platform and app used in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities, which allows students to safely report any worries and incidents of bullying, cyber bullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, sexism, mental health and homophobic issues directly to their place of learning. Learn more.

tootoot for staff

Recording safeguarding incidents is of the utmost importance for educational institutions, which is why we’ve made it better. We developed tootoot with the help of safeguarding officers across the country, drawing upon hundreds of years of collective experience and expertise to ensure that the recording, handling and tracking of incidents is easier than ever before. That’s right, no more paperwork! Learn more.

tootoot for senior leadership

With the click of a button, tootoot’s real-time dashboard collects, analyses and creates detailed, easy-to-read reports instantly. No more wasting time hunting through filing cabinets hours before an Ofsted inspection, regulatory body visit, or governors and SLT meetings. Learn more.

tootoot for local authorities & MATs

Having a complete overview and understanding of all issues of safeguarding in the places of learning under your remit is invaluable. Tootoot provides local authorities, police forces, safeguarding boards and multi-academy trusts with a real-time dashboard and detailed reports, allowing you to make evidence based decisions in order to proactively and effectively allocate your resources and make future strategic decisions. Learn more.

tootoot for parents

All parents and guardians worry about their children whether they’re at primary school or university. Many of the safeguarding officers and team members that developed tootoot are parents and guardians themselves and the safety of young learners and students is our highest priority. The parent feature within tootoot, allows parents and guardians to report their own concerns anonymously, directly to their child's place of learning. Learn more.


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