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Supporting Staff Wellbeing

Wellbeing should be woven into the fabric of the school setting, and this means getting it right for your staff as well as your pupils.

Give your staff a voice with tootoot's staff engagement platform, Stribe.  

Employee working at laptop

“I’d heard great things about tootoot for pupils and when I saw that there was a tool which could enable staff to raise feedback anonymously to the Trust, thought this would be well worth trying out.”

Michelle, Director of People, Washwood Heath MAT

Tootoot's Stribe gives a voice to employees at...

When people are heard, teams are happy

After working closely with thousands of schools for over eight years we understand that the success of a school is directly influenced by the mental health and wellbeing of its staff.

We’ve developed Stribe to help leaders in education harness the power of employee voice. Stribe helps teams to be heard, taking their small insights day by day leading to real change that matters.

"We use Stribe to keep us informed on how we’re progressing with our strategic aims, we have built Stribe’s data into our strategic dashboard reports for this year, pulling the data directly from Stribe to allow us to manage and measure our progress on our key objectives."

Jo, Head of HR, Wigan and Leigh College

Turn your team's voice into actionable insights

✅ Send fully flexible pulse surveys to reach people wherever they are
✅ Give your employees a trusted, anonymous place to talk
✅ Celebrate the moments that matter with shout-outs
✅ Turn your teams voice into action with straightforward insights
✅ Grow employee engagement with advice and support from Stribe’s experts
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