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“Schools may also wish to use resources such as Tootoot to provide a confidential route for pupils to report bullying or abuse.”

Department for Education,

Tootoot is the award-winning pupil voice and safeguarding app trusted by over 15,000 teachers to help their children and young people speak up.

Pricing shown based on a UK school with MIS integration. Please contact us for an exact quote for your place of learning.

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How can tootoot help you?

“Tootoot is a lifeline for our school, it gives us an invaluable way to communicate with our children. Tootoot will be essential for us throughout these coming months, especially with our more vulnerable pupils.”

Jaime Traynor, Pastoral Support Officer, Ince Primary School

  • Whether your are working remotely, or in school, tootoot helps you to meet your high levels of safeguarding and pupil wellbeing
  • Tootoot is a safe and trusted way for pupils to talk directly to their school about any worries or concerns they might have, all they need is a phone, tablet or laptop that is connected to the internet. Tootoot gives teachers the ability to message individual pupils, so they can still support pupils remotely.
  • Tootoot centralises all pupil communications in a safe, secure and confidential way, whether they are at home or in school.
  • Our parent voice feature allows centralised two-way communication with individual families.
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