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About tootoot

My name is Michael Brennan and I’m the founder of tootoot. I was bullied as a young boy and as a result, I was forced to move schools. At my new school – Berwick Academy – things were much better, and I wanted to help other students who were being bullied. To begin with, I created the first-ever peer mentoring scheme back in 2008, which won me a National Rotarian Award for Services to Anti-Bullying.

Despite the peer mentoring scheme being a great success across the UK, the main recurring problem I kept seeing was that there was no easy way for students to report their concerns safely and directly to their place of learning in a discrete manner without the fear of the bullies finding out.

To tackle this issue head-on, I spent the last two years developing tootoot alongside teachers and other leading governing bodies, with the goal of providing students with a safe, anonymous environment to report and resolve their concerns discretely.

We’ve already made such a big impact in such a short space of time, and we’re continuing to grow rapidly. I really think tootoot can make a visible and measurable impact at your educational institution, just as it’s done at hundreds already across the world.

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