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Case Studies

Tootoot is used by over half a million pupils and trusted by 15,000 teachers, find out why below.

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Supported Ofsted

“Tootoot has been an amazing addition to our school. It has helped us learn about a number of pupil concerns earlier than we would have learned about them with traditional methods such as face-to-face reporting.

It has also given our SLT the data needed to make informed decisions about how best to support our pupils.

During our recent Ofsted Inspection, the inspectors were really impressed with tootoot and how we used the system. We used the dashboard reports from tootoot to demonstrate to the Ofsted inspectors the positive impact our curriculum, safeguarding and wellbeing activities have had for our pupil groups – it was received really well.”

Ince CE Primary School

More effective

"tootoot is 6 x more effective than face-to-face reporting when children need to talk about bullying and their mental health."

Executive Head, North West School

Helping pupils feel safe

"We did a whole school survey and 98% reported they felt safe and what to do if there was a problem - we think tootoot contributed hugely to that."

Boarding School in Hampshire

Supported high standards of safeguarding

"Tootoot has supported the high standards of safeguarding at our school and has helped reinforce the role that every pupil plays in keeping the school happy and safe. Every pupil has a login and can report anything they witness, cementing the fact that pupil voice and safeguarding is an important part of everyday life here at Old Hall Drive. 

Tootoot has given our pupils another way to speak-up making it quicker and easier to make our pupils feel listened to, and have their concerns resolved."

Old Hall Drive Academy

Saves time

“In terms of producing a chronology for an individual child tootoot can save me hours – this might be sending info onto a new school or sending a report to a meeting – I would say it could save me about 3 hours per complex child.

Monthly I can produce behaviour reports in seconds compared to collecting the info and then producing a table or report – again a few hours. Annually it could save about a week of producing reports I would think.”

St Werburgh's and St Columba's

Safe space

"tootoot gives pupils a safe place to report their concerns, I'd advise anyone to use it."

TASIS, The American School in England

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