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A voice for your students

tootoot gives students a safe voice to be able to report incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, racism, extremism, radicalisation, sexism, mental health and self-harm directly to their place of learning. Tootoot gives students an alternative way to disclose their concerns when they are unable to do so face-to-face.

Incident recording for your staff

Recording safeguarding and behaviour related incidents is of the utmost importance for schools, which is why we’ve made it simple. Give your staff controlled, granular access to record incidents on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Best of all? No paperwork!

Real-time dashboard and reports

With the click of a button, tootoot’s real-time dashboard collects, analyses and creates detailed, easy-to-read reports instantly. No more wasting time hunting through filing cabinets hours before an Ofsted inspection, regulatory body visit, or governors and SLT meetings.

Whole-school approach

The parent and guardian feature provides parents with a direct communication channel with their child’s school. This feature is completely optional for schools to use but when combined with the student voice and incident recording feature, through a whole-school approach, the impacts are incredible.

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