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What is GDPR?

Simply put, GDPR is part of a new law surrounding the data protection and privacy for individuals within the European Union. This means you have more power over who can have your data and who can contact you. It also means businesses now have to be extra careful with how they use your data.

GDPR affects all kinds of organisations that handle customers’ data, from high street shops to village schools to public sector agencies that hold millions of individuals’ data.

Many are looking at GDPR as a huge change in data protection, when in reality the new legislation is just building on the principles established by the Data Protection Act. Which, when you think about it, isn’t that scary!

You can find out more about GDPR here.

Tootoot and GDPR

We know we ask for a lot of information when setting up your tootoot account. This information is valuable, it gives you the trends in data that helps you create actions to make your school happier and safer for your pupils – and this is the only reason we collect it.

We understand that this requires a huge amount of trust on your part and a great responsibility on ours. That is why we have, and will, always work hard to ensure we work to the highest standards of Data Protection and GDPR compliance.

We pride ourselves on our security, from our encryption which keeps your pupils’ data safe to the A+ SSL certificate that protects their messages; we’re particularly proud that we can boast that we’re better than the banks at this!

Steps we have taken to achieve compliance

For your peace of mind, we wanted to quickly outline the updates we have made so you have them in a simple list:

1. Full awareness and training for all tootoot staff

2. Reviewed the impact GDPR has on our customers and staff and updated our internal processes where required

3. Audited our partners and service providers to ensure they aligned to our data protection standards

4. Updated our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to meet the requirements of GDPR. This is currently being communicated to our customers.

Our GDPR Documentation

View our Privacy Policy

View our Terms and Conditions


Tootoot’s Data Protection Officer is Kieran Innes, CTO

For further information please contact us at or 01289 541 991.

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