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Tootoot’s Anti-Bullying Week Programme

Written by Jos on 7th November, 2019

Three in five young people have been bullied at school.
Diana Award, 2019 

One in three people will self-harm as a result of bullying.
Ditch The Label, 2019

78 per cent of bullying starts in school.
Diana Award, 2019

Bullying can have devastating effects on the victim and perpetrator, from mental health to physical health to academic attainment, and these effects can be felt well into adulthood.

A recent study has found that the trauma stemming from chronic bullying can affect the structure of the brain, specifically parts involved with how the brain learns and the body moves. These changes were found to partly explain the relationship between high levels of bullying and higher levels of general anxiety at age 19. (Quinlan, et al, 2018)

At tootoot, we are passionate about anti-bullying and committed to helping pupils speak-up for themselves and others. Which is why have created a free six-week Anti-Bullying Programme to help schools celebrate Anti-Bullying Week, and ultimately support bullying prevention and empower pupils to speak-up.

The free six-week programme includes:

  • Full access to our award-winning pupil voice software tootoot.
  • Full access to our new wellbeing tracking app tootmood.
  • A range of targeted resources for Anti-Bullying Week, Friendship Friday and Odd Socks Day. 

Registration closes 15th November

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