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Our Favourite Martin Luther King Jr. Resources for Teachers

Written by Jos on 16th January, 2020

To help you celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day on the 20th January, we have created a collection of our favourite MLK videos, information and resources that you can use to teach your pupils about social justice, tolerance and human rights.

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1. 'I Have a Dream'

Dr Kings powerful speech is a great way to start your MLK Day lesson and why not ask pupils if they think we are close, or far away from achieving King’s dream?

2. Selma

The award-winning historical film focuses on the events that took place during the American Civil Rights Movement in Alabama, following Dr Kings epic campaign to secure equal voting rights.

Available on Netflix or YouTube for £3.49.

3. Letter from Birmingham Jail

The open letter written by Dr King on the 16th April 1963, that later became an importance text for the American Civil Rights Movement, defends the strategy of nonviolent resistance to racism.

Invite pupils to give their views on nonviolent resistance and the key themes of the letter.

The letter is 20 pages so you may want to divide into sections and ask pupils to present their findings to the class. 

4. Yolanda Renee King - March for Our Lives 

Nine-year-old Yolanda invoked the famous words of her grandfather Martin Luther King during the 2018 “March for Our Lives” event in Washington, where thousands of people were protesting for gun control.

5. King's Chronology 

Read a chronology of major events that happened during King’s lifetime from 1929-1968.

6. The King Papers Project

The King Papers Project site is part of a collaborative effort by The King Center and Stanford University to provide access to documents of Dr King and historical information on the social movements in which he participated.

One of the documents “Don’t Ride the Bus”, wrote the day after the arrest of Rosa Parks shows the immediate action taken by a committee that Dr King was part of.

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