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Tootoot Launches To All Secondary Schools In Broadland

Written by admin on 6th April, 2016

The Broadland tootoot launch from one of our young commissioners, Jordana


“On Wednesday 16th March I was lucky enough to attend the tootoot launch in Broadland at Acle Academy. During this launch I spoke to the local press and radio station (BBC Radio Norfolk). I also had some pictures taken with some of the prefects who had a good understanding of tootoot and how to use it so they can help some of the younger students. Us young commissioners like tootoot because it is anonymous and easy to use. tootoot will help young people in Broadland because they will no longer feel worried about having to speak to someone face to face while telling them about the problems which they face with bullying, as they can message someone through tootoot which is a much easier thing to do physically and mentally.” – Jordana, Young Commissioner.

Summer Haylock, 17, a YAB commissioner who decided to fund the project, also said “We thought Tootoot was an excellent opportunity to try to tackle one of young people’s major issues – bullying. “I think to a lot of students, it will be reassuring that Tootoot is there as an option should they need it.

The programme was launched at Acle Academy yesterday after the Broadland Youth Advisory Board (YAB) provided funding worth £11,200. Lisa Frary, head of ICT at the academy, said: “Tootoot is available to students all day, every day and it eliminates the fact that the victim has to wait to have a face-to-face conversation with someone at school.” – Summer Haylock.

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