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8 Social Media Accounts to follow that Promote Positive Mental Health and Body Image

Written by admin on 15th May, 2019

This year Mental Health Awareness Week is exploring the theme of body image, and research from The Royal Society for Public Health found that Instagram had the worst impact on body image among teens and young adults. Out of the top social media apps.

Depending on who you follow, your social feeds can be full of unreachable goals that ultimately make you feel bad about yourself.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Social media can be full of inspiration – you just have to know where to find it.

Our tootoot team have put together a list of their favourite accounts to follow that will help you feel more positive and happy. ✌️


1. Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam has polycystic ovarian syndrome, one of the symptoms is to grow excessive facial and body hair. Initially she tried to remove the hair due to bullying, but at 16 decided to embrace her appearance. Since then she’s become a spokesperson for body positivity and self-acceptance.


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2. Power of Positivity

Because who doesn’t love an inspirational quote?


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3. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Seven years after an anorexia diagnosis Megan stumbled across a post about body positivity, this opened up a whole new world of social media for Megan. She is now one of the stars of the Instagram body-positivity movement, trying to put an end to the detrimental messages spread by the diet industry.

👇Check out Megan’s blog.


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4. Happier 😊

Not strictly a social media account. But with over 70 million downloads this podcast is worth a listen. Full of useful and achievable tips to have a happier life.

👇Have a look at the different podcasts.


5. Humans of NY 🍎

Celebrating the average person. This account tells the extraordinary stories of the ordinary person.

👇Read about the project below.


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6. NASA 🚀

Look at some awesome images and find out news about the universe first!

👇Find out more about NASA and their missions.


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7. Ditch The Label

Follow them for all things to do with positivity, equality and plenty of inspiring quotes.

👇Have a look on their website for loads of helpful advice, support and research on bullying.


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8. Animals Doing Things 🐶

A puppy eating watermelon for the first time…need we say more?


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We’d love to know what accounts make you feel happy.

Get in touch and tweet us @tootootofficial

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