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Join tootoot’s Free Body Image and Mental Health Programme

At tootoot, we think it is important for every pupil to feel good about themselves and develop a positive and resilient internal voice.

Which is why we have created a free six-week programme to give teachers the tools to promote a healthy body image and to encourage pupils to speak up about their worries.

The Body Image and Mental Health Programme includes a free six-week trial of our award-winning pupil voice app tootoot.

Only 15 free places remaining

Sign-up before the 17th January

Tootoot's Free Body Image and Mental Health Programme Includes:

  • Full access to the award winning pupil voice app tootoot for six weeks.
  • Teaching and assembly resources that focus on body image and mental health.
  • Regular check-ins, support and training from our team of experts at every step.

What is tootoot?

Tootoot is our award-winning pupil voice and safeguarding platform that was created to give pupils a simple and discreet way to report anything that is making them feel unhappy or unsafe. 

Tootoot also comes packed full of insightful reports and metrics that help you discover trends, identify whether safeguarding and wellbeing measures are effective, and supports a transparent and accountable SLT and Governing Body.

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Telephone: 01289 541 991

Correspondence Address:
17a Windmill Way, Ramparts Business Park, TD15 1TB

Registered Office:
tootoot ltd, Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh, EH6 7BD

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