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Academy Transformation Trust launches tootoot to all of it’s Academies!

Written by admin on 25th April, 2016

ATT leads the way in safeguarding


Recently we attended Academy Transformation Trust’s safeguarding conference. The organisation, which supports a range of academies throughout the Midlands, the East of England and the South East, sponsored the conference to share key guidance on techniques and strategies, ideas from leaders in the field as well as the latest innovative approaches to keeping pupils safe – and we were invited along to present tootoot.

We presented tootoot to all 13 academies in attendance who signed up on the spot to join the tootoot family of schools and academies already using tootoot across the country. The key feedback from all academies was the importance of providing pupils with a voice and the ability to track, record and monitor incidents in real time. We will also be providing Academy Transformation Trust (ATT) with an organisational safeguarding dashboard, which will allow The Trust to have an overview of all cases and incidents from each of their academies. The dashboard provides real-time updates to give The Trust an overview of types of incidents being disclosed. This in turn allow’s ATT to be very proactive when dealing with incidents that happen across their academies regardless of location. The dashboard also allows The Trust to identify recurring incidents and trends across it’s family of academies, which will allow the future safeguarding conferences to be tailored to any current safeguarding issues. For example if lots of students report incidents of cyber-bullying, ATT will be able to bring in experts to discuss best practise and resources to help their academies deal with the current issues of cyber-bullying.

Pat Hunt, Senior Improvement Advisor, at Academy Transformation Trust added, “It is our aim as a trust to be at the forefront of safeguarding developments and we are constantly working to ensure that our staff have the resources, tools and time available to proactively address these issues within our academies. We will continue to come together as a trust at events like the safeguarding conference to listen to safeguarding experts and to explore innovative approaches to keeping our pupils safe.”

We are proud to partner with Academy Transformation Trust and excited to be providing so many students with a voice to speak up.

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